Protocol Development

Ideal for:

Validation of AFM solutions
Generating supporting data
Outsourcing AFM capabilities


AFM use
Raw data
Visualizations and measurements
Step-by-step protocol.

Starting at $1,875 per day

Cellulose-based protein dialysis membrane, overview image

We are here to help! Submit a project if you need fast results to meet a deadline, to de-risk the purchase of an AFM, or to outsource nanocharacterization projects. We work with your materials, troubleshoot protocols, and deliver data. For advanced trial experiments or milestone-driven projects.

Examples: Advanced sample preparation, nanoscale measurements (< 5×5 um scan size), measurements in liquid, force-distance measurements.

* Advanced probes, substrates, reagents, and equipment at additional fee.


Quantitative comparison of membrane filtration matrices

Project duration: 1 day.
Cost: $1,875.

0.8 µm polycarbonate membrane

Line profiles vs. 0.8 µm width measurement

0.22 µm polyethersulfone membrane

Line profiles vs. 0.22 µm width measurement

14 kDa cutoff cellulose membrane

Nanometer height line profile across cellulose fibers