Sample Scanning

“The micro photo shoot”
Ideal for:

Dried cells and microbes
2D materials
Particulate suspensions


AFM use
At least 3 images*

Starting at $95 per sample

Bacterial colony picked from an agar plate

Need a quick picture to tell a story? Ship us a sample and we will email you topography scans and 3D visualizations. These images are great for websites, product brochures, presentations, and for educational use in the classroom.

Examples: Dry 2D materials such as paper and filters, microbes from suspensions or agar plates, particulate suspensions (diameter >10 nm).

* Dry/dried samples only; standard AFM probes ~10 nm tip radius; mica, glass, or polymer substrates; >5×5 um scan size. Sample preparation at additional fee.


Collagen I network

Microparticles in filtered water

Printer paper