That’s funny?!

“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…’“- Isaac Asimov

Curiosity is the root of all discoveries and that is precisely what BioCubic is here to support, for explorers, innovators, and educators. Life is driven by molecular processes, within us, around us, and more and more in the materials we design to treat diseases and tackle global issues from plastics pollution, recycling, and climate change. But so few have access to this nanoscale world because of supposedly complicated and expensive equipment… We made it our mission to change that! Here’s to the high school senior doing nanotechnology research in their garage for the average cost of a new car. Not in 10 years, today!

This page contains a mix of technical notes and observations. We hope you find inspiration, answers and more “funny” questions in the posts below.

  • AFM image of mixed genomic DNA purified from a soil sample.
    AFM vs. TEM and SEM

    How do AFMs compare with TEM and SEM in life sciences? These three microscope technologies deliver complementary information, with AFM being unique in its ability to deliver quantitative 3D and nanomechanical data in liquids.

    1.2 min read
  • AFM image of M13 bacteriophage double-stranded DNA, 5x5 um scan, topography image with color indexed height
    Imaging DNA with AFM

    AFMs are the most efficient tool to measure DNA. Dilute a clean DNA sample with a magnesium chloride solution, spread it on mica, wash, air dry and image!

    3.9 min read
  • What makes AFM so special?

    AFM is the simplest, most affordable imaging tool for education, research and quality control at the nanoscale. Why aren't we using it more?

    3.6 min read
  • Of eggshells and serendipity

    Why we need to teach serendipity in education and research and how an AFM can help!

    5.6 min read